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 Accepting SPRING/SUMMER STOCK March - August
Accepting AUTUMN/WINTER STOCK Sept - February
Terms and Conditions
Preloved at Pearls and Scarlett
Let us sell on your behalf and here are the reasons why…
  • Simplicity in using our service – we take the hassle out of the resale of your goods. From collection to payment, let us do the hard work – you can just sit back and wait for the money to arrive in your Bank or PayPal account.
  • Utilise our experience – be confident in our knowledge and expertise in the preloved marketplace. We have been selling preloved clothing, accessories, jewellery, and vintage online for over 15 years.
  • Trust in our reputation – 11,000 + positive feedback reviews over three online selling platforms and 13 years on the high street. Our reputation speaks for itself, we have a proven track record of customer trust and satisfaction, priding ourselves on building customer relationships which last.
Offering flexibility to every customer
Sell on a commission basis, so when an item sells it is a 50/50 split on the final selling price (after online fees and postage).
We buy the items directly, this does mean you get a lower price for your unwanted goods, but the cash is yours straight away.
Sell at a fixed price, you set the price you want, and we add our commission after – this is recommended for higher priced items only and will need to be agreed upon before items are listed.
So, we can either buy directly from you or act as an agent selling on your behalf – the choice is yours.
Now for the small print…….
Before we accept any items from you, you will be asked to read, confirm that you understand and sign the following terms and conditions.
We will act as your agent, selling clothes, shoes, and accessories on your behalf.
We will display your items on our website for a total of 12 weeks from an agreed starting date.
All goods must be received 'ready to sell' in a GOOD AND CLEAN condition and either freshly laundered or dry cleaned. We will not accept damaged or stained goods.
Buttons and zips should all be intact and working properly, collars and cuffs must be in excellent condition and there should be no sign of bobbling on woolen items.
We reserve the right to refuse any items, at any time, that we think we shall be unable to sell or are found to be damaged.
The resale price on all items are determined by us and this price is based on our extensive experience selling in the preloved marketplace.  However, we do appreciate the higher cost of certain labels and will take into consideration any negotiation on the ‘buy it now’ price online.  Once agreed this amount will be the final listing price, we do have the right to reject any item if the expected resale price is unrealistic.  We do reserve the right to reduce any item online if it remains unsold after a 4 weeks period. 
We do offer advice and guidance at every step of the way; however, we do ask that you are realistic about the resale price.  Items bought, even if unworn, are classed as preloved and even though they do have value in the second-hand marketplace, you will very rarely achieve the original retail price (or exceed it) on most labels. 
We take a HUGE number of labels and brands; however, we don’t accept supermarket or fast fashion like Primark etc, we do provide an extensive list on our website and we add to it daily.  For designer handbags, accessories, jewellery and shoes we do recommend that you provide as much provenance as possible.  This provenance ensures we sell with confidence and it also guarantees a higher resale price, if we are in any doubt on the authenticity of an item, we will not be able to accept it for resale. 
Appraisal and acceptance of items for sale
If you would like us to consider your items for resale or purchase, then all you need to do is get in touch via email or give us a call.  When you contact us just give us an idea of the items you are interested in selling if emailing you could always include some photos.  Once the initial contact has been made, we can then arrange for the collection of goods or they can be posted to us.  Please be aware that any postage cost will have to be met by you, a local collection is free but any distance over 50 miles will incur a collection cost of £20 (this cost will be taken off the amount owed at the end of the sale period).
Any items left unsold at the end of the original sale period can be donated to our designated charity, collected (at your own expense) or sold to us for an agreed amount.  Once the items have been accepted a full receipt will be emailed to you, with all the prices agreed.  We will confirm the period of sale and the date your items will be due off sale, it will be your responsibility to contact us regarding what happens to any unsold items.  If we have not received any notification from you within four weeks of the end date, then any unsold goods will be donated to charity.
All items sold will be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.  We can arrange for payment via cheque, but this will incur an administration cost of £2.50.  All payment on goods sold will be completed at the end of the 12-week period of sale, it will also only be authorised on the collection, donation, or our purchase of any remaining unsold stock.  Any costs incurred by us, the collection of goods etc will be deducted from any amount owed.  Monies owed can be used towards any item on sale through our re-sale sites, if you chose to spend monies owed in this way, we will give you an extra 10% off the order total.